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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Halloween frenzy
or not.
Halloween fever
The violin diva
not selling

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Kofi Awoonor’s Poems to be first publication of African Poetry Book Series posthumously

Kofi Awoonor

Prof Kofi Awoonor,78, died on the first day of the terrorist siege of Westgate shopping mall (21 September 2013) in Nairobi, Kenya.Ghanian-born poet, Kofi Awoonor, had agreed to be the first major African poet to be part of the African Poetry Book Series. His New and Selected poems with an introduction by fellow poet and scholar, Kofi Anyidoho, will be published in 2014 with assistance from the African Poetry Book Fund, established by Glenna-Luschei Editor of Prairie Schooner,Kwame Dawes, also from Ghana. Kofi, who was in town with his son Afetfi, who sustained shoulder injuries, was attending the StoryMoja Hay Festival at the same venue where over 150 people gathered to bid him farewell. The farewell evening opened with singing of the Kenyan and Ghanaian national anthems. Dr Auma Obama, Presidnet Obama’s half sister sent a tribute as did Nigerian children’s author Atinuke. Some of those who read his works include celebrated authors Peter Godwin(Zimbabwe), Kwame Dawes(Ghana), Nii Parkes (Ghana), Warsan Shire(Somalia), Teju Cole(Nigerian-American), Billy Kahora and Binyavanga Wainaina.
Peter Godwin

Professional storyteller Aghan Odero Agan said : “We, the arts community will celebrate him as a giant on whose shoulders we will stand to see far”.

“We are devastated by the loss of Professor Awoonor, but hope must prevail,” said StoryMoja founder, Muthoni Garland, in announcing the tribute. The festival had to be cancelled after news of the attack. “[Awoonor] is as a poet of witness, of great lyric grace and a remarkable capacity to combine his command of traditional Ewe poetics with a modernist lyric sensibility,” says Dawes. “That makes him one of the great African poets to have appeared in the twentieth century.  His agreement to be a part of this series is a tremendous coup.  We are extremely pleased.”
Awoonor, a political activist and national Ghanian hero, has been a champion of African poetry throughout his life. In addition to lecturing in English and African literature at the University of Ghana, he directed the Ghana Film Corporation, founded and directed the Ghana Playhouse, and served as an editor of the literary journal Okyeame and as an associate editor of Transition. Awoonor sought to incorporate African vernacular traditions—notably the dirge song tradition of the Ewe people—into modern poetic form,” notes the Encyclopedia Britannica. “His major themes—Christianity, exile, and death are important among them—are enlarged from poem to poem by repetition of key lines and phrases and by use of extended rhythms. Each poem in Rediscovery and Other Poems (1964), for example, records a single moment in a larger pattern of recognition and rediscovery.”
Also an internationally published author, Kofi Anyidoho, the editor of the New and Selected poems, is an achieved scholar. He serves on editorial board for several journals in Ghana and has been guest editor of Matatu, a journal of African culture and society that is published in Amsterdam. Awoonor’s other volumes of poetry include Night of My Blood (1971), Ride Me, Memory (1973), The House by the Sea(1978), and The Latin American and Caribbean Notebook (1992). His collected poems (through 1985) were published inUntil the Morning After (1987).

Thursday, October 3, 2013

1000 Poets for Change Programme engage Aaron Chiwundura Moyo

ShonaLiterary legend , Novelist , Writer ,Poet  , Filmmaker and Dramatist Aaron Chiundura Moyo   opened  the   Girl child Voices Fiesta – 100TPC 2013 with a bang at Budiriro3 Primary school in the high density suburb of Harare ,Zimbabwe  today from 215 pm to 430 pm.

The 2013 program is hive of activities with the theme Defining girlchildVoices through Artistic Fusion, shaping artistic skills and development girl child talent in schools and bring them for final day to celebrate what they created in workshops and receive certificates to motivate and inspire them horning their creativity.
Chiundura opened his facilitation by saying “ndainzi Matanda  mufirimu ndabvezera” .He acted in1989 with the Great Ambuya Mlambo. He told    participating primary school children that the role of the writer, poet and actor is to expose community rot , corruption , child abuse and other abnormalities  like drug abuse and unwanted pregnancies.
He narrated vividly his life background which Is a trailblazer  and mesmerizing , that he grew in farms  where he was working , he  stated grade 1  at 15 years old  ,  and living under difficult circumstances  in poor   and down trodden families   but all this led him to be the best creative he wanted to  be , that create the super shone writer of 15 shona novels  on which some of them where set books in schools , he says today some ministers and top people  , business man  and bankers learnt some of his books in school  , books include CHEMERA MUDUNDUNDU , ZIVA KWAWAKABVA, KURIDZA NGOMA NEDEMO,WAKANDIBAYA PANYAMA NHETE.The prominent writer have also delved into children books writing.
The participating students were happy , motivated and excited to meet the Legendary Shona Literature Chekov of Zimbabwe in person , his deep , fertile ,well thought  folklores and tales  brought the   Budiriro3 Primary Library down with creative creative joy.
He   intertwined  his Nganos , readings  with an sharp resonating instrument CHIPENDANI  ,the one he claim was made by his father in Zimbabwean farms of Kwekwe , children went dancing when this homemade traditional instrument was whistled  that supported our theme Defining GirlChildVoices  through Artistic Fusion.
After the pen whistle/CHIPENDANI   and Storytelling Legend Moyo led Children in   impromptu writing skills session and the outcome of the writings will be featured on grand fiesta on the 8th of October with other schools, guests , reporters at First Floor Gallery in Harare , further enhancing child participation and promotion as well as motivation. The stories created by students who were from the range of 10 to 13 years were of high quality  and of good taste.
Present at the event was Pamela Murambiwa the Librarian and Writers Club Coordinator at Budiriro3 Primary School,Mrs Makolama Library Club Member,Mr Sakutukwa  , Mbizo Chirasha , Kudzai Mutiti of GirlchildCreativity Project. The Program was also graced by the Deputy Head of the School.
Children who participated were chosen because of their quest to write, prove their talent and their ardency readership culture at their school and werechosen from different classes
Rumbidzai Ganda in Grade 6  Green /12 years, Mitchell Kanguru 7 Blue/13 years, Ronald Ndalama 7Blue/13 years,Larrisa Chirasha 4 Orange/10 years,Mitchell Museredza 5Blue/11 years, Esther Yobe 6BLUE/12 YEARS,Simbarashe Gatsi 5 Blue/11YEARS,Caroline Mawondo 6blue/12 Years,Donald Sakutukwa 5Green/11 years.
These children will participate on the Festival at First Floor Gallery on the 8th of October.

We  appreciate the role that  is being played by the American Embassy Public Affiars section in facilitating grants for such , Great thanks 100TPC for involving us in annually activities that promote the poetic/story creative energy  , the Zimbawean media , schools and Friends   ,our next  port of call  is at Vainona High in Borrowdale with Shoe Lambada Poet and Kresiah  Mkwazhi photographer will be kleading a working on writing ,poetry  /photograghy fusion.

By Mbizo Chirasha-
Kudzai Mutiti-
twitter@girlchildcreate girlchildcreativity photostream

Girl Child Creativity to host the Global 1000 Poets for Change Programme

Introduction and Scope- the project is run   coinciding with the 100 Thousand  Poets for Change  founded by  Michael Rothenberg  Poet , Critic and Creative Projects Experts in United States. The project is run  in  more than 40 countries around  the world  including  Zimbabwe . Mbizo Chirasha is the Coordinator of this event in Zimbabwe through GirlchildCreativity Project. The Zimbabwean 100 Thousand Poets for Change is run as GirlchildVoices Fiesta in Zimbabwe every year 28th of September every year.
GirlchildCreativity Project was asked to be part of this program because they are working hard to develop, motivate and inspire young girls to define their voices, find their space the creative, arts and literary prowess. The Young girls are identified in schools , dropouts  , children homes  and  other youthful communities they are mentored through artistic seminars , close up  with their role models and performances programs, check ,  ,girlchildcreativity project on  face book  and girlchildcreativity photo stream for more information and past events.

Letter of Partnership from 100 Thousand poets for change
                      100 THOUSAND POETS FOR CHANGE
 Michael Rothenberg
100 Thousand Poets for Change
Box 870
Guerneville, CA 95446

Mbizo Chirasha
Founder/Creative Director
Girlchildcreativity Project
Harare, Zimbabwe

September 26, 2013

Dear Mr. Mbizo Chirasha,

I am writing to you to invite you and Girl Child Creativity Program to organize a poetry reading, workshops,  and arts event in Harare, Zimbabwe on September 28, 2013 in conjunction with 100 Thousand Poets for Change. It would be a great honor to have your participation and representation in this global event once again. Our partnership with your group over the years has been a great inspiration and we look forward to your continued participation.

As you know, 100 Thousand Poets for Change is a global poetry initiative begun in March 2011, with the vision that poets and artists around the world would organize local poetry/art events simultaneously as a means to discuss real political, environmental and social change within the guidelines of peace and sustainability. The first 100 TPC event was on September 24, 2011 and was a great success with over 600 events in 95 countries. Because of this first year’s success we held our second global event on September 29, 2012 and there were nearly 700 events in 110 countries! So the support for this artist driven movement for peace and sustainability continues to grow.

To support the 100TPC global initiative the website was launched and Event Location Blog Pages were created, by city and country, for each event organizer. We encouraged event organizers to post poetry, art, videos, and journals on their pages to document their local 100 TPC events.

The response to the call to action was so great that Stanford University volunteered to archive all of the 100 TPC Event Blog Pages for posterity, as their way of supporting 100TPC, and to acknowledge that the 100 Thousand Poets for Change movement is indeed historical.

100 Thousand Poets for Change events include poetry readings, parades, musical concerts, workshops, flash mobs, skype sessions, art exhibitions and live streaming. The results are transformative, and a new global poetry  and arts community has been created with peace & sustainability as it’s major mission. Poets and artists are daily being empowered to get to know one another across borders, using real time events and social networking, and we hope that through the 100TPC event we can help redirect the dialogue of the day and turn the narrative of civilization towards peace and sustainability

100 TPC will continue to organize poets and artists for peace and sustainability. We have already set September 28, 2013 as the next 100 TPC global event, and it would be a great honor to hear the voices from Zimbabwe as part of this global movement. Please feel free to contact me to register for the event at (The new event location blog pages for 2012 will continue to be archived by Stanford University). 

Also, you can find the 100 Thousand Poets for Change 2013 Facebook event page at:

And special news for the 100 Thousand Poets for Change 2013 initiative is that we have added a 100 Thousand Musicians for Change program to our initiative. This program has become very popular and will help to bring all the arts together for an awesome 100 Thousand Poets for Change event!

Thank you so much for your continued support and interest in this project. Your friendship is valued throughout the 100TPC community.  I look forward to continue hearing from you, Girl Child Creativity Project and the poets of Harare, Zimbabwe!

Sincere regards,

Michael Rothenberg
100 Thousand Poets for Change is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization

ps. you can learn more about me at Big Bridge online magazine. I am the editor and publisher. 
 2013 Theme- Defining Girl Child Voices through Artistic Fusion.

Main Objective -  to make  young girls realize  their potentials and use  their  potential  to create  positive  space and voices for themselves and communities.
Target groups- Young talented girls and boys  in Schools.
2013  Implementation Method-  3   orientative  ,   motivational  , identification and  skills development and inspirational  workshops will be held in 3 different schools that include  Morgan High , Vainiona High and  Budiriro3 and Glen View Primary schools- Mentors of this workshops will  include   a seasoned photographer,    a seasoned female   visual artist ,Mbira workshop  and   storyteller  and writer and these  seminars  will done  both in practice  and they are participatory and they will be under  a video shoot  to prepare a  visual  video mobile exhibition that will be shown on the last official day of the Voices Fiesta. Poems, photographs and artistic works will be selected for an  official exhibitions and recitals on the 08th October. Such will coincide with   feedback seminar between students, media and guests to the final event.

02 October  - 2pm -4pm Budiriro 3 Primary  School
- Workshop  on story telling   and poetry Writing - by Aeron Chiundura Moyo- the facilitator will read his stories and poetry and  partake participants in a practical writing skills session.

03 October  -2pm -4pm- Vainona High School
 Photography , writer s workshop- by Shoes Lambada [ Writing]and Kresiah Destiny Mkwazhi [Photography]- the facilitators will also pass writing skills and how you can fuse writings  and photography in a bide to create  photo poetry  and photo stories.

04 October- 2pm-4pm- Morgan High School
Visual Arts practical workshop  , Performance  Poetry and Mbira-  Zanele Mutema , Mbizo Chirasha and a Mbira musician-  participants will be taken through a journey of visual arts   inspirational process , the  creativity  and resonance of Mbira music and your voice in performance poetry leading to a visual ,musical poetry experience
08- October -530-730 pm-First Floor Gallery
 Grand Fiesta day-Small exhibition of poetry/visual works produced during workshops, story and poetry presentations by  participants and young guest poets, Discussion forum/Press talk  by  organizers , facilitators and participants with Guests.

Fiesta Artists, Facilitators and Coordinators

 Karen Magunda [20 yrs] - Guest of Honor on the Gr
and Fiesta.
Young girl of 20 years pf age ,grew up in Mufakose .She finished high school at Roosevelt high
and she is first year student at Midlands State University. She is a song writer, choreographer and singer. She founded FAM in  2012 - a Foundation Arts Movement  mentoring ,promoting and marketing young artists. She destined for greater heights.
Mbizo Chirasha
- the Fiesta Curator and Coordinator/ Zimbabwe Producer of 100 Thousand for Change. He is  a performing poet , widely travelled , extensively published globally. He is the Founder of many literary and creativity initiatives in Zimbabwe . He is the Founder of GirlChildCreativity and its Creative Director.

- Kudzai Mutiti: Assistant  Fiesta Coordinator, a second year  social studies student at the University of Zimbabwe. She is endowed with passion , maturity  and drive. She have also worked with IIFF international Images Film Festival  2013 as a venue manager and discusant.
Tariro Kambasha-Grand Fiesta Presenter
a Young singer  of 21 years  with a dream to reach dizzy heights  , a singer of dancehall , presenter  and budding film maker as well as an advocate of GirlChild.

Aeron Chiundura Moyo- Writng and stories Facilitator
-Veteran writer ,novelist and Boradcaster

Shoes Lambada-Poetry Writing Facilitator
-Poet, Writer ,Organizer and Coordinator of Zimbabwe Poets for Human rights

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Poetry in Politics: West Hollywood to Zimbabwe

This story was taken from this website: It was published on this site by Stephen Cass.

In West Hollywood

Since moving to Los Angeles a little over a month ago, I haven’t had the chance to attend an open mic. That was until last night when I ventured out to West Hollywood to Da Poetry Lounge.  My goal was to survey the local poets, not to read any of my own work. Through my observations, I could not help but notice the timid voices behind powerful poetics. To their defense, for some of them it was their first time divulging such intimate information in a public forum, but it was rather peculiar to me that the collective voice of the group was rather quiet.
What brought about this general lack of confidence in a form of expression that so heavily relies upon honesty and charism? Seeking answers, I looked to the protesting poets of Zimbabwe whose story is beginning to pull the attention of the world.

On The Streets of Harare

There are a number of young artists acting out against political corruption, voter fraud, a manipulation of public opinion, and a general lack of fundamental liberties in an effort to hold their leaders accountable. They call themselves, “Zimbabwe Poets for Human Rights”  and they are potentially in the midst of changing their political landscape with a presidential election coming up on July 31st.
The current president Robert Mugabe has served in is position since 1987, winning four subsequent elections since. Starting in 2002, his campaigns have been riddled with accusations of various kinds of fraud. Policies like the Public Order and Security Act and the Miscellaneous Offenses Act have been put in place to seemingly interfere and suppress public opinion and voter turnout.
These acts grant additional power to the executive party and police force through the limitations they set upon the public. Some of these provisions include punishments for unauthorized wearing of camouflage, ringing a bell, playing music in a public place, or generally appearing mischievous (Miscellaneous Offenses Act). In 2005 over 700,000 individuals lost their homes and businesses through Operation Murambatsvina. Opposing political parties, as well as the United Nations argue that this was a way of ostracizing many of the less affluent communities in Zimbabwe by forcibly removing them from their homes for what the administration claims to be an effort to stem illegal housing and the spread of infectious disease. After all of this, it is safe to assume that many of the citizens have had enough. Their current form of protest is poetry, their prose acting as an effort to both rally and inform the public of the alleged corruption.

Zimbabwe Poets for Human Rights

The coordinator of Zimbabwe Poets for Human Rights, Robson Issac Shoes Lambda, has been on the forefront of this cultural crusade to hold their leaders accountable for their actions, as well as working to enact both political and voter reform. In his poem, “Politicians and Governancy,” he expresses the need for the public to head to the polls to promote this type of change. “Voting is the beginning of the end of complaining,” he says with conviction, “And abstaining is donating your right to choosing. I choose to choose by voting and choose laughing over fighting, voting over sloganeering and voting over fighting”

In West Hollywood many cries were similar to those of the Zimbabwe Protesters; though not with the same sense of enthusiasm, conviction, or urgency. Their words rang true, there was no doubt about that, but they came out as murmurs. Thoughts of police brutality, racial barriers, media censorship, and fallen soldiers plague the pasts of some of these Southern California poets. Many gave off the feeling of being helplessly trapped in a system that is entirely out of their control. Their general distaste in the current state of our society was not complemented with a resolution. The death of the young man Trayvon Martin acted as inspiration to many of these young poets as they try to come to terms with, what they felt was, a police officer getting away with murder. One particular poet wore a hooded sweatshirt in solidarity for the deceased Martin. While the audience generally supported the young woman as she read, the passion was nowhere to be found in the room. There was no outrage, no tears, only a lightly struck chord that faded away once the next poet began.
The Zimbabwe Poets for Human Rights are in a position to have a genuine impact in their looming elections as they seek a change to their current state of life and many are not going to sit idly by. Having been under oppressive circumstances for decades now, they aim for the restoration of their essential human rights. Their passion comes from recognizing the opportunity for improvement in a bleak situation that once may have been out of their control.

Unification in Poetry

What is it going to take for western poets to do the same and rise up as a unified voice? It’s a gentle balance between facing great societal injustices and having a platform to bring about change. At this very moment, the content is already there, it’s just a matter of finding a suitable voice to broadcast it. If an election is what it takes to usher in some form of poetic justice nowadays, we have three long years ahead of us. We can either stay silent in apathy or make as much noise as we possibly can. The Zimbabwe Poets for Human Rights chose the latter and we could be in the beginning stages of our own poetic movement if things continue down this path; for the more that is at risk, the louder voices become.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Make It Happen for Videos for My Poetry On Indiegogo

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Monday, September 10, 2012

Japan Effect

A hippie on the highway
Takes the loot from a Corolla
A gypsie from far away
Gets paid from a Corona
The fastest way of a mafia
Is driving past with a Nadia
The peak period traffic blitz
Can only be overcome by a Vitz

The stranded family paranoia
Requires the space of a Gaia
Never come close with your Lancer
I disregard the speed limit with my Chaser
The rural shop owner who bragged with a Cressida
Now hoards with a Lucida
Overtaking with no mercy
The Mark II and the Hiace
Mover over create a double lane of space

I’m historical I believe in the clan of the Ku-Klux
Paradoxically, I move in the bumpy Hilux
This political game of opposition
Has landed me in a lucrative position
I now roll with a BT50 courteous of the parliament
Thank God the prolonged life of the inclusive government.


Longer than expected he lived
But longer he remains dead
A female,
Bullet-holed all over her skin
Her body the bullet proof of the male combatant
Osama’s son being bombed to heaven
Just like the twin towers on Septmebr eleven

The globe spinning
The atmosphere changing.
Leaders changing, others falling
NATO Royal Airforce tornadoes targeting,
Libya’s dockyard facilities. Israel vowing,
Never to return to 1967 borders. Netanyahu to Obama in White House lecturing.
Gaddaffi’s military installations loosening,
SADC Troika on Mugabe tightening
Strauss Khan a hotel maid sexually assaulting:
The Next-French-President tag falling
Pakistan Taliban, Al Qaeda and Saudi Arabia brushing
Tears from their sombre mourning
Faces from morning till morning

Osama: The Afghan Tora Bora fugitive
Equator of democracy to idolatry
America’s headache since Bush
Now that he is dead
Al Qaeda is sad
In Abbottabad as the chopper pierced
The tense, masses fled
The dollar rose,
Oil fell
Stocks rose,
Gold fell.
Economics or Politics?
International law or law of internationals?

Pass It On

The whitehead clings to the knobkerrie
The frail-skin to active duty
Those with blood-fizzing cuts
Can only be choice-makers
Not decision makers